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The Artisan Difference

Artisan Knows Wireless

Artisan Wireless focuses of providing Wi-Fi professional services, helping its customers to make the best out of their Wi-Fi infrastructure. We help our customers with troubleshooting and projects that require a high level of Wi-Fi expertise. Passion for the Wi-Fi technology has helped us to excel in the services we provide.

SemFio Networks was founded by François Vergès, a passionated Wireless Network Engineer. François grew up in France were he studied in one of the top computer engineer school specializing in Network and Telecommunication. François moved to Canada at the end of his studies and started to work as a Network Engineer. He quickly found a passion for Wi-Fi networks leading him to study the technology as well as following the current market.

He founded SemFio Networks with the idea of helping businesses getting the best out of their Wi-Fi network.